Places To Go For Your Honeymoon

After the stressful planning of the wedding, it is always nice to know that there is an option available for you to just sit back and relax with your partner. Honeymoons can be delightful experiences and ever so often are the ones that truly seal the deal. Couples take on their Honeymoon memories for life and it truly is a one of a kind experience. Having understood how important the Honeymoon is to the couple, we now move on into the planning process of the Honeymoon. One must keep in mind that destinations differ in accordance to the likes and dislikes of the couple as a whole. Thus, here’s our list of places to go on your Honeymoon we hope that there is a destination that suits your taste.


The sweet beaches of Maldives are definitely among the best Honeymoon destinations. If you and your significant other have a liking for the ultimate romantic Honeymoon then look no further. With the Maldives comes the dreamy beaches, the starry night sky and the ever so romantic dinner on the beach. You can even engage with some snorkeling and have a little bit of fun as well.

Taupo (New Zealand)

Taupo makes our list as a honeymoon destination purely because of the activities that we know couples will enjoy. If you and your significant other are adventure lovers then this is definitely the place for you, situated on the North Island of New Zealand has a wide variety of waterfront activities. There are so many things to do in Taupo including bungee jumping. Visiting Taupo is indefinitely going to give you and adrenaline filled Honeymoon you are bound to remember for the rest of your life.


Thailand is the ultimate tourist destination and it is ideal for those who are lovers of culture and tradition and want to get to know more and more about a certain country. When visiting Thailand one must take time to pay a visit to the many temples that adorn the country and have a guide explain to you the history of the country and understand it well. Thailand is the ultimate honeymoon destination for those who are art graduates looking to share their knowledge with their significant others.


What better place for a honeymoon that visiting the city of love? Paris can be a beautiful destination for your Honeymoon ( although a little bit pricey.)  If you and your significant other plan on having the perfect romantic honeymoon devoid of any beaches then look no further than the city of love dubbed that because of its romantic looks. Just imagine what it would feel like to sit across the Eiffel tower sipping hot chocolate and eating hot croissants. Well that is your entire experience in France summed up.


Italy is the perfect honeymoon for the food lovers. Be it pizza or gelato if you are planning on gaining some weight after months of dieting for the wedding then this is the honeymoon for you!

Don’t let honeymoon planning stress you out, instead love the process and pick a destinations you love!

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