How A’qto Cycling incorporates non-riding partners into stunning bike tours

There are many ways to tour the world on a bike, but no other provider will give you as full an immersive experience and challenge as A’qto Cycling Tours.

Their trips to Italy are designed to challenge experienced riders at their level, providing a range of challenging ventures through the Italian Alps, winding country roads of Tuscany and through the vineyards of Piemonte and Prosecco Road.

These tours are about more than just the rides, though. They are about total immersion in the Italian culture with tailored adventures in authentic destinations. It’s here where guests can enjoy wonderful food, wine, banter and experience the culture with locals.

And while it’s a wonderful experience for riders, what about their partners?

In many instances, non-riding wives, husbands and significant others can feel left out when their companion travels away for cycling tours.

It’s because of this that A’qto Cycling embarked on offering a point of difference to the market, with tailored experiences for the non-riding partners readily on hand.

The local experience that’s truly for all

A’qto meticulously plans each cycling tour to deliver the most challenging and picturesque routes through Italy for avid riders.

That includes diverse rides through locations including:

  • The Alps and the Dolomites
  • Puglia
  • Tuscany
  • Piemonte
  • The UNESCO World Heritage-listed region of Le Langhe
  • Gran Fondo’s across Italy
  • L’Eroica, Tuscany and more locations that are added annually.

Along with devising the perfect routes to ride, the provider also finely plans a matching itinerary to help guests enjoy the local experience. Complete with food and wine tours, authentic meals at rustic and traditional locations and access to the real Italy, this is the adventure of a lifetime.

During this journey, each participant is given the chance to personally meet the locals, try different cuisines and witness some of the most stunning surrounds on offer.

Catering to non-riders enjoying a European holiday

A’qto’s distinct difference resides in its ability to provide an inclusive experience for those not looking to jump onto a bike.

Partners often travel together, so this popular Australian provider allows for formulated and tailored programs that provide experiences for all circumstances for riders and non-riding partners alike. Enjoy sightseeing in some of the most picturesque locations in Italy, including rural locations you won’t find in the tourist guide books, while also learning about local foods and culturally significant events in each location.

Best of all, both the riding and non-riding groups will come together for breakfast and dinner so all participants are involved in the full food and wine experience.

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