Anyone who is a sports fanatic looks forward to major occasions in the sporting calendar. Every year, there is plenty of action to spark your enthusiasm, whether you are a football addicted, a petrol head, or golf, cricket, or rugby enthusiast.

The Rugby League World Cup and the Ashes grabbed centre stage in 2017. The FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018, showcasing football to a worldwide audience. Other yearly sports events that receive a lot of attention include the Champions League final, the Tour de France, golf’s US Masters at Augusta and the Ryder Cup, tennis’s Australian and US Opens, and F1’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Most of us will watch from afar as passionate armchair supporters. Those who want to be closer to the action, on the other hand, may already be planning or preparing for their sports tour vacation.

With so many world-class sporting happenings in beautiful settings all over the world, it is now more fashionable than ever to combine our sporting interests with an abroad vacation. This frequently necessitates extensive planning and a significant outlay of funds.

Always use a reputable travel agency when making a reservation

Unfortunately, not all vacations are sold with the same levels of insurance – so it pays to be cautious and shop around.

When you book with an ABTA member, you are obligated to follow a code of conduct that guarantees holidaymakers experience choice, value, and quality. Using a travel firm with an ATOL emblem and number also guarantees you financial protection from the law if they have trading difficulties or go bankrupt.

Book your sports tour vacation as a ‘package’

Package holidays provide you with more than simply a wide range of bargains and destinations. They also include the additional consumer rights provided by the Package Travel Regulations – a significant piece of consumer legislation that provides you with a higher level of protection.

In my opinion, it is worthwhile to invest a few extra pounds on a ‘package’ since, if an incident happens maybe something goes wrong, the Regulations strengthen your consumer rights.

There are packaged sports tours like these golf holidays, surf tours, and so on.

Understand the various norms and customs that apply to your destination

When you go on vacation, don’t automatically expect that everything will be the same as it is at home. It is critical to understand what is required of you because there are a number of odd laws that holidaymakers are subject to.

All too frequently, travellers find themselves in situations that could have been avoided if they had taken the time to perform some preliminary study about the destination they were visiting.

Take out travel insurance that is tailored to your specific needs

First, I strongly advise anyone traveling to purchase travel insurance. However, don’t try to save money by purchasing the lowest travel insurance policy. Take out travel insurance that is appropriate for your type of sports tour. If you get the most basic package, you may not be protected in certain situations or may only be insured up to a particular amount.


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