For much of the past of the vehicle, you used the simple mechanical key to do everything from starting it to unlocking the trunk. A variety of improved security advancements have transformed the way people access their cars over the last three decades. It may seem like a daunting number of choices at first, but most typical car keys fall into one of the 4 groups below. The excellent thing is that all these styles can be replaced by a mobile locksmith even if you’ve lost the main keys!

The simple manually cut key to the vehicle

This is the traditional form of auto key that goes back to its very first use in automobile ignitions and doors. While machining is a little more accurate and technical these days, the core concept has not changed much.

They have a distinctive pattern of “teeth” and ridges that match up with the pin configurations of a specific lock. If there’s a perfect fit, the lock doesn’t turn over. Mechanical keys are reasonably simple to make and replicate with a machine tool, and this service is commonly accessible. You probably brought a home key to a hardware store or retail chain to get it copied at a certain point. A Toyota key is different to a Nissan key, for example.

The Transponder Code Car Key

Transponders are a very fascinating and modern version of the traditional car key. They look like a standard mechanical key at a glimpse. But look closely but it might not have teeth, or it may have a much smoother pattern than normal. It also has an electronic machine embedded in a main header known as a “transponder.” This chip supplies a special digital code that is being sent to a microprocessor in the car.

If the input doesn’t fit what the car requires, the key simply will not work.

Many transponders have a persistent code that has its trade-offs. This makes it much easier to replicate a key or to produce an emergency substitute, and it is something that any professional automotive locksmith ought to be able to do. But it also makes it possible to defeat the safety of the vehicle.

The Laser Cut Car Key

Laser-cut choices are upgraded versions of conventional mechanical car keys made with modern laser cutting technology. The additional precision enables different and unique shapes of teeth that cannot be produced with normal mechanical cutting machinery. They are often cut in such a way that they can be put into locks in any direction and still function.

The Car Key Fob

A “fob” is more like a transponder key, except with the transponder, it’s separated to a small unit of its own. There are a couple of types of automatic key fob. The most popular is the convenient add-on fob, in which you have a normal mechanical key, but also a fob that can power the motor remotely (most often used for warming up the car in cold winter climates).

There is a diverse mix of primary styles in use. Basic mechanical choices are still very popular, but cars today are standardizing enhanced safety features. Good standard automotive locksmith should keep up with the whole industry and its continuous innovations.


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