SUVs are easily the dominators of the urban streets and there aren’t many vehicle types that are as versatile or high utility than these impressive automobiles. These are built to last and can easily last as long as you want them to, IF the right level of care is given to them over the years. Here are a few tips you can follow to take good care of your sports utility vehicle.

Setting aside the finances

SUVs are certainly not cheap to buy or maintain and you will have to invest quite some dough on keeping it in top shape over-time. Be smart about it, and set aside some money for any emergency repairs or fixes you will have to get done. The routine maintenance can be done in a much more organized manner by negotiating with your auto care provider an agreement, so that the maintenance will be done regularly and at a reduced rate.

Use only genuine parts

Although they are comparatively pricier, there are several advantages you can experience as a vehicle owner by opting for these. Your ride’s performance will surely improve and the replacement parts will work swimmingly with the other components.

Another reason why you must only buy genuine parts for your SUV is because of the warranty. If the warranty specifically calls for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, and you resort to those cheaper alternatives, you will have no chance of claiming anything. Therefore, if you are looking for a set of roof racks for your Ford Territory, be sure to look for Ford Territory roof racks so you won’t go wrong.

The right repair centres

You must find a great service a repair place for your ride in your area, that is well reputed and will be a one stop shop for all your vehicular-repair needs. After building a good relationship with the service provider, you can come up with a maintenance agreement which will considerably bring down the costs involved in maintenance work. A good service centre will keep accurate records of any repairs or service your ride goes through, and this will help you avoid spending money on anything that has already been done, even if it slips your mind.

Stick to a maintenance schedule

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your SUV problem-free and if any minor issues are there, those will surely come to light. By identifying and working on such issues in the beginning itself, you can avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on serious repair work which will be the result of not sticking to the maintenance schedule.

Ideal tyre pressure

As previously mentioned, SUVs burn high amounts of gas, and you need to everything in your power to try and increase the gas mileage as much as possible. When the tyre pressure is too low, it will have direct impact on the fuel consumption and considerably bring down the efficiency. Un-even tyre pressure will also affect the wheel alignment and suspension. Therefore, regularly check to see if the pressure of your tyres is maintained well within the recommended level.


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