Life doesn’t stop for anyone; the faster you adapt, the faster your life gets. Hence, making that decision to finally move must have been hard yet a necessary decision.

Whether it was easy, we’re here to tell you some of the common mistakes that would absolutely ruin your moving day.

Forgetting to label the packages

Just how many boxes do you think there would be when you’re done with packing them? Even if it was a rather simpler house, there’s always going to be enough boxes to fill a truck with. But how can you know which is which? By labeling. While most would use words, we recommend using colorful tapes so that you don’t have to read with all the effort – spot the color, spot the label.

Packing with no plan to unpack

Just as hard as it is to pack, you should always remember about unpacking as well. This is exactly why you should either know how to pack like a pro or let a pro do that. What’s that? Do removalists pack for you? Of course, they do! In fact, it’s one of the most commonly requested services.

Not preparing a temporary room to pack

You can always unpack in each room, but wouldn’t it be cleaner and convenient to allocate one room to do the unpacking? Hacks like these sure go a long way.

Assuming you can unload on your own

Even if you were the strongest person in the whole of Australia, it’s not a matter of strength but technique. Because unless you can lift and take off a massive box as Superman does, it’s always better to have capable hands on board. After all, it’s not like you move every now and then. Why not make your life easier whenever you can?

Hiring non-removalist transportation services

We cannot stress enough how crucial that you understand that how removalist companies are extremely different from just about any transportation company. A removalist specializes in packing, unpacking, and the overall process of moving out and moving in.

Transportation is merely a process inside the removalist process that can function separately. In addition to that, a lot of people end up hiring companies to travel between states not knowing not every company can do that. Some companies only deal with specific cities only.

For example, hiring melbourne to brisbane removalists is what you should do if those are the two cities you’re moving from and to. The rule of thumb is always to ensure that the chosen removalist company is willing to transport between states by default.

Since if you hired a local company to travel interstate, they’re definitely going to charge more than typical interstate removalists.


Moving day is going to get a little bit stressful. But that’s only normal. But the inconveniences that come up when you make mistakes mentioned in this reading are inexcusable given how thorough you’re on the context now. Thus, be sure to hire capable service providers and make your moving day the least stressful.


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